GAMAGO |ガマゴー




GAMAGO is a San Francisco-native consumer products design company. Our small in-house team of artists have created hundreds of original products in our SoMA design studio. We manufacture and sell these products to thousands of stores - large and small -around the world.
Chris Edmundson and Greg Long founded GAMAGO in the Spring of 2001 in the basement of Greg's San Francisco home. For eight years GAMAGO focused on apparel and accessories that featured an incredible assortment of original characters, monsters, and critters.
Following their interests, during the Summer of 2008 Chris and Greg shifted GAMAGO's focus to consumer products; specifically gifts. GAMAGO's growth has accelerated, earning the company placement on the SFBiz Times Fast 100 list for the past two years.
Fans of GAMAGO's classic characters should check out some of the projects we've recently brought to market with our partner, Chronicle Books. Our bedtime book, Yeti turn out the light, is particuarly fun.

Chris Edmundson & Greg Long